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At Growology, we know that the alignment of clear direction and innovative action creates significant results. It’s the little things that have the biggest impact.

Our unique and innovative approach brings solutions to your business that will align people and purpose, powerful messaging and strategy. Enlighten and enrich the status quo.

Grant funding can enable your business to:

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Growology Grants, formerly Everyday Strategy is a boutique national consultancy with expertise in aligning culture and capability for enhanced organisational outcomes. It is our philosophy that together we rise.

We understand regional issues and can contextualise business opportunities to expand outcomes. We are your knowledge centre, specialising in recovery from natural disaster, bringing social enterprise to life and enlivening traditional corporate environments. ​

Unlocking the potential of your people and purpose and leveraging powerful messaging drives accountability and outcomes. Our consultants are visionary, thought leaders, strategic executors, results oriented professionals delivering agile solutions in fast paced environments.


"We cannot thank you enough for the positivity, knowledge and guidance you have given us this year! We are truly lucky to have met someone as amazing as you."

Belinda Brown

Marketing Director

"We truly cannot thank you enough for helping us with this grant and are beyond grateful and appreciative for all the effort you have gone to help us receive this assistance. We couldn't have done it without you. Many, many thanks."

Jodie McLeod

Practice Manager

"We've recently received our first grant with help from the team. There was only less than a week until the application close date, and I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently our application was prepared. Can't appreciate it more."

Yoshie Kibayashi

Founder and Director

"Wow! Your advice really helped us to think outside the box and re-shape our approach. And we won our first grant after applying for so many unsuccessfully. Thanks, Team!"

Stacey Hughes



What is a grant?

Think of a grant like a golden ticket to your dreams! It's free funding provided to individuals or organizations to undertake specific projects. Unlike loans, grants don't need to be repaid. Just imagine what you could achieve with that extra boost! 🚀

How do I apply for a government grant in Australia?

Rolling up your sleeves and diving into the grant world? Exciting times! Start by heading to the relevant government website or portal, locate the grant's application form, and follow their guidelines. Still feeling a bit lost? That's what we're here for – let's navigate this together.

What types of grants are available in Australia?

Australia is a land of opportunities, and the same goes for its grants! From small business and innovation grants to arts, environment, and community projects – there’s probably a grant waiting just for you. The magic is in knowing where to look, and lucky for you, we’ve got a knack for treasure hunting!

Are there specific grants available for small businesses in Australia?

Small business owner? Say hello to the world of grants tailored just for you! Australia loves supporting its entrepreneurs, and there are grants galore, from start-up support to growth acceleration. Don't leave money on the table; let's find the perfect grant for your venture.

How do I find out about new grant opportunities?

Keeping up with the latest grant news is like trying to follow a kangaroo on a hop spree! But no worries, with our expertise, we're on top of every bounce. We're always tuned in to the latest opportunities. Stay connected with us, and you won't miss a thing! Your business's growth potential knows no bounds – and grants are the rocket fuel to get you there.

What's the difference between a grant and a loan?

Think of it this way: grants are like receiving a gift at a surprise party, while loans are like borrowing your mate's surfboard – you've got to give it back! Grants are funds you don't need to repay, whereas loans need to be returned, usually with interest. Keen to grab some of those freebies? We know where they're hiding!

Who is eligible to apply for Australian government grants?

Eligibility is the key to the grant kingdom. While the criteria can vary, most grants target specific groups or projects. Whether you're a business, non-profit, or an individual, there's likely something out there for you. Uncertain about your fit? Give us a shout; we're great at matching folks with their perfect grant.

Are there grants available for non-profit organisations in Australia?

Non-profits, we salute you! And guess what? Australia does too. There’s a plethora of grants designed to bolster the efforts of organizations like yours. Dive into this sea of opportunities with us, and let's make your mission even more impactful!

Do I need to pay back a grant if my project fails?

Here’s the fab thing about grants: they're risk-free! Even if your project faces challenges, grants usually don't require repayment. But remember, transparency is key. If things go sideways, communication with the grant provider is a must. And hey, everyone loves a comeback story, right?

How competitive are grants in Australia?

Let’s be real; grabbing a grant isn’t a walk in the park (even if we're talking about the lovely Royal Botanic Gardens). It's competitive out there, but with the right strategy and some expert guidance (hint, hint – that’s us!), your application can shine brighter than the Southern Cross!

Can I apply for multiple grants at the same time?

Fancy doubling or even tripling your chances? Go for it! You can apply for multiple grants, but make sure each application is tailored to perfection and you are not double dipping on the activity funding. And, if juggling isn’t your strong suit, let’s team up. We've got hands to help!

Are there specific grants available for research and development projects?

Aussie innovation is world-class, and the grant scene reflects that. Numerous grants specifically target R&D projects, so if you're on the brink of the next big discovery, there might be funding to support your genius. Ready to pioneer? We've got your back.

What are the key components of a successful grant application?

Crafting a winning grant application is part art, part science, and a sprinkle of magic! Key ingredients? A clear objective, solid plan, budget breakdown, and a dash of passion. If you're unsure about your recipe, let us be your master chefs!

How long does the grant application process usually take?

Ah, patience – the unsung hero of the grant world. Depending on the grant, the application process can take weeks to months. The waiting game can be a tad nail-biting, but hey, good things come to those who wait! And with us by your side, we'll make sure it’s time well spent.

What happens after I submit my grant application?

After hitting that submit button, it's a mix of patience, hope, and perhaps some light nail-biting. Reviewers will assess your application, and then, drumroll… the decision. Whatever the outcome, remember, every application is a learning experience. And with every attempt, you're one step closer to striking gold.

Is there a limit to how much funding I can request?

Each grant has its own personality, including its budget cap. While some grants offer a set amount, others ask you to specify your needs. The trick? Requesting what's just right – not too little, not too much. And if Goldilocks isn’t your consultant, we are!

How are grant funds disbursed?

Once you've won that grant (go you!), funds usually roll in either as a lump sum or in installments. The terms are typically set by the grant provider. So, while you celebrate, remember to keep an eye on those disbursement guidelines. Cha-ching!

Are there grants available for Indigenous Australians?

Absolutely! Australia proudly supports its Indigenous communities with specific grants that empower cultural, social, and business initiatives. If you belong to this vibrant community and have a dream or project in mind, let's join forces and unearth the perfect grant for you!

How do I report on the use of grant funds?

Reporting is like sending a postcard back home, letting grantors know about your adventures with their funds. It's vital to be transparent and thorough. Need a guide on drafting that postcard? You know who to call!

Can I get feedback if my grant application is unsuccessful?

Constructive feedback is a growth goldmine! While not all grant providers offer feedback, many do. It's always worth a polite ask. And remember, every “no” is just a step closer to that resounding “yes!”

Do I need to have matching funds or a co-contribution for a grant?

Yes and no. We all want free money without having to use our own cash but some grants love teamwork and might ask you to pitch in with your own funds. It's like hosting a BBQ where everyone brings a dish. Don't fret; this co-contribution can sometimes be in-kind rather than cash. Let's decipher the details together!

Are there any tax implications for receiving a grant?

Ah, the tax tango! Grants can sometimes have tax implications, so it's crucial to be prepared. We recommend chatting with a tax professional or, you know, us, to ensure you're on the right track.

How do I know if a grant opportunity is legitimate or a scam?

Spotting a dud in the grant world can be trickier than finding a needle in a haystack. But fear not! With a keen eye (like ours) and some know-how, you can steer clear of scams and focus on genuine opportunities.

Are there any grants for individuals, like for education or personal development?

Personal growth fan? High-five! 🖐 Australia has numerous grants supporting individuals in education, arts, sports, and more. Ready to level up? We're here to boost that journey.

What role do local councils play in grant disbursement in Australia?

Local councils are like the friendly neighbours in the grant community. They offer a range of grants, especially for projects that benefit the local community. Want to make a local splash? Dive in with us!

Working With Us To Win Grants

We support clients to secure grants and public funding in two ways, you can engage directly (for one off strategy or submission support) or you can join our VIP program and take advantage of ongoing identification, referral, strategy and submission services.

Which ever way is right for you, we are there to support you and your business with growth and expansion. When the time is right, we can even help you to unlock the potential of your people and create powerful messaging strategies.

Eligibility Assessment

One-off service

A funding strategy is an important first step in getting strategic about grants as part of your business growth strategy and maps out all the opportunities you are eligible for. This is important because grants are on average only 17% successful (FYI: our success rate is 40%) so you need a roadmap to help you win in the game of grants.

We develop a customised funding strategy for your business. This is a once-off service where we identify potential funding and determine your eligibility.

*Following the eligibility assessment, you can choose to prepare and submit your own applications or to move to our VIP service, where we become your in-house grant writers.

VIP Submission Service

12-month service

Engage us as your grant writers and funding finders. Full submission service, including:

1 grants strategy

Up to 5 grants drafted over 12 months

1 recommended awards listing

6-month and 9-month grants report card

Client support as requested

Activation of referral partnership

This service does not include strategy development required for submissions.

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