Want To Access Government Grants?

We are excited to help you identify grants and funding opportunities.

Expanding outcomes for business is at the core of what we do. We have an impressive track record supporting clients, transforming organisations, securing funding and positioning our clients for the future.

On the Ground Impact: Securing Grants

At Growology, we know that the alignment of clear direction and innovative action creates significant results. It’s the little things that have the biggest impact.

Our unique and innovative approach brings solutions to your business that will align people and purpose, powerful messaging and strategy. Enlighten and enrich the status quo.

Grant funding can enable your business to:

About Us

Growology Grants, formerly Everyday Strategy is a boutique national consultancy with expertise in aligning culture and capability for enhanced organisational outcomes. It is our philosophy that together we rise.

We understand regional issues and can contextualise business opportunities to expand outcomes. We are your knowledge centre, specialising in recovery from natural disaster, bringing social enterprise to life and enlivening traditional corporate environments. ​

Unlocking the potential of your people and purpose and leveraging powerful messaging drives accountability and outcomes. Our consultants are visionary, thought leaders, strategic executors, results oriented professionals delivering agile solutions in fast paced environments.


"We cannot thank you enough for the positivity, knowledge and guidance you have given us this year! We are truly lucky to have met someone as amazing as you."

Belinda Brown

Marketing Director

"We truly cannot thank you enough for helping us with this grant and are beyond grateful and appreciative for all the effort you have gone to help us receive this assistance. We couldn't have done it without you. Many, many thanks."

Jodie McLeod

Practice Manager

"We've recently received our first grant with help from the team. There was only less than a week until the application close date, and I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently our application was prepared. Can't appreciate it more."

Yoshie Kibayashi

Founder and Director

"Wow! Your advice really helped us to think outside the box and re-shape our approach. And we won our first grant after applying for so many unsuccessfully. Thanks, Team!"

Stacey Hughes


Working With Us To Win Grants

We support clients to secure grants and public funding in two ways, you can engage directly (for one off strategy or submission support) or you can join our VIP program and take advantage of ongoing identification, referral, strategy and submission services.

Which ever way is right for you, we are there to support you and your business with growth and expansion. When the time is right, we can even help you to unlock the potential of your people and create powerful messaging strategies.

Eligibility Assessment

One-off service

A funding strategy is an important first step in getting strategic about grants as part of your business growth strategy and maps out all the opportunities you are eligible for. This is important because grants are on average only 17% successful (FYI: our success rate is 40%) so you need a roadmap to help you win in the game of grants.

We develop a customised funding strategy for your business. This is a once-off service where we identify potential funding and determine your eligibility.

*Following the eligibility assessment, you can choose to prepare and submit your own applications or to move to our VIP service, where we become your in-house grant writers.

VIP Submission Service

12-month service

Engage us as your grant writers and funding finders. Full submission service, including:

1 grants strategy

Up to 5 grants drafted over 12 months

1 recommended awards listing

6-month and 9-month grants report card

Client support as requested

Activation of referral partnership

This service does not include strategy development required for submissions.

Looking to identify grants and funding opportunities for your business?

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